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I am a longtime Cupertino resident and seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in local Government. During my time as the Senior Finance Manager Director for Santa Clara County, and Administrative Services Director for Union City, I had a proven record of developing and managing budgets, implementing complex programs and creating a positive work environment for a diverse workforce. I was a Fine Arts Commissioner and a Library Commissioner for Cupertino.  I was treasurer for the Santa Clara County Library District ballot measure which passed with a large majority.  I am a volunteer driver for RYDE, a transportation service for those unable to drive.



Learn more about where Sheila Mohan stands on the issues facing Cupertino Residents.


As your councilmember, I will:

  1. Ensure fiscal accountability

  2. Maintain neighborhood integrity

  3. Create responsible growth and quality of life

  4.  Provide housing and transit opportunities for seniors, teachers, service workers and families; and promote partnerships with regional agencies.

My position on Clean Energy & the Environment

I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to leave the planet healthy and safe for future generations.  For this to happen, we must preserve open spaces, develop sustainable communities, achieve energy efficiency and water conservation, and invest in alternative energy sources and technologies. I believe protecting the environment and reducing emissions will help create jobs, grow and diversify our economy, improve human health and help families thrive.  As a City Councilmember, I will continue, and strengthen where possible, the City's Climate Action Plan which is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce harmful consequences of climate change.


Our Campaign is built on the firm belief that when people work together, they have the ability to transform their community, their city, and ultimately the nation. 

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